Content creation and Strategy

In this informative age we live in, we know at Connected Influence that video is one of the most powerful ways to share information and connect with people. But we reflect the excellence of this job in how you create content and what strategy you use. For this reason, we have a full service video production crew working directly with a strategy team to help achieve your marketing goals. These teams include sales managers, content creators, data analyst, and a videographer. Their job description cuts across audience analysis, content planning and strategizing, optimization and distribution.


In the field Vast experience

Our experience in branding, video production and marketing speaks in how we consistently maintain quality, voice, messages and uniqueness. Connected Influence over the years has watched the evolution of social media, and has seen brand come and go, therefore, we understand how and what to say to help clients connect and grow their brand through video. Top on the list of well-known brands/establishments we have worked with over the years are Bellfield brewery, La Boheme Dubai, Murrayfield Stadium just to name a few. With start-ups and consumer goods we have made product videos, branded content, founders video, social media content and more. In all these, we can boldly claim to have a vast experience in producing video content.


Idea for Post-production

Post-production is the work done after we have completed the production stage. Post-production is the icing on the cake. Here the editorial team steps in, they make sure using a couple of softwares the road map created at the start of the production process comes out as the finished product.


Dedicated Towards Mutual Success

In our many years of video production, we have seen startups amount to a big brand and so at Connected Influence we believe in growth. We believe the digital space is big enough for both start-ups and big brands, and everyone deserves to be heard, to communicate their message. Our job is to ensure the message we efficiently transmit through video content. This we do with all diligence.


Why choose us?

At Connected Influence, we are good attention grabbers. So, not only are we good at making great videos, we ensure that our video content keep the attention of the target audience. With this, you can build a following, make more sales, generate more leads, increase conversion rates and more.