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In these days,where online videos are gaining so much popularity, the hidetinguishing factor has now become how much of people’s attention your video content can grab.

Therefore, at Connected influence, our trained experts specialise in creating high-quality video content suitable for all digital platforms (social media and broadcast media) and to meet whatever brand goals (engagement, traffic, leads generation, customer education and more) you desire. To achieve the desired goal, our experts create the perfect content strategy that suits your business.

By optimising content to suit several digital spaces algorithms, Connected Influence develops a content plan, pioneer trends and strategies that would build following, drive sales, generate leads, increase conversion rates, create brand awareness and more. In all we do, we ensure that the video is unique, reflective of your personality, and ultimately meets your goals. Therefore, you can end the rat race in a search for a video creation agency.

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In this informative age we live in, we know at Connected Influence that video is one of the most powerful ways to share information and connect with people. But we reflect the excellence of this job in how you create content and what strategy you use. For this reason, we have a full service video production crew working directly with a strategy team to help achieve your marketing goals. These teams include sales managers, content creators, data analyst, and a videographer. Their job description cuts across audience analysis, content planning and strategizing, optimization and hidetribution.

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